Regional Energy Tariff withdrawn from 5 Export Sectors

Engineering Post report

The federal government  has withdrawn regionally competitive  energy tariff (RCET) previously granted to five export -oriented  sectors with effect from May 01,2023  resulting in  an increase of  the Liquefied Natural Gas (cost from $ 0/MMBTU  to the full rate of $ 13.5/MMBTU.

Till this drastic withdrawal move, the federal government had been providing for sometime  RLNG /gas at  $0 per MMBTU under the RCET  to the textile, carpets, leather, surgical and sports goods sectors.

However, from May 01,2023 onwards the price  of RLG/gas for these sectors has gone up to the $ 13.48/MMBTU as per notification of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). The budgeted subsidy allocated for these sectors  has been fully exhausted and the RCET facility as such stands withdrawn.