The largest rooftop solar project signed

Reactivation of NSPDCL approved by the government

National Solar Power Development Company Ltd. (NSPDCL) is ready and most likely to be reactivated as the government of Pakistan has initiated the mission to develop and construct the solar power supply projects for the facilitation in the public sector. 10,000 MWs of power through solar has already been ordered by the government to be added to the national grid to effect the cost and reliability of the electricity positively.

It was highlighted that the government has been planning on enhancing the diversity of power supply along with a reduction in the cost and has been keeping in you the replacement of expensive fuels for that purpose. It had been planned to add 6000 MW of solar energy into the grid in the private sector and plans have been made to implement such effects on the public sector as well that are currently under way.

NSPDCL has been reactivated for the purpose of supervising and managing the projects related to solar energy and it’s injection in the main grid as well as supply and quality control. The company is required to be functioning as soon as possible for the required timelines of the projects to be met and for an effective and progressive system functioning. Seed money is required for the company to initiate project related activities including topographical survey, soil investigation, preparation of feasibility report and the project PC-l and bidding documents. In addition, hiring of new staff and team members is also required urgently. The constitution of new board of directors will also be done which will include the secretary power, additional secretary, CEO and managing director.