PSQCA to start operations at Sialkot and Faisalabad

The Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA)  is a government organization working to ensure the usage of good quality products in Pakistan and maintenance of standards. Director General PSQCA Zain ul Abideen recently held an online meeting of the department and discussed the further steps and plans for the authority. He instated the establishment of new PSQCA offices in industrially significant cities including Sialkot and Faisalabad and setting up at the border regions of the country including Taftan, Chaman and Hub Balochistan.

He highlighted the significance of this step and said that this may prove to be very helpful in promotion of quality culture in the country and encourage further cross border trading meanwhile keeping the standards and quality up to the mark. He added “In the 24th BoD meeting of PSQCA which was chaired by federal minister for Science Technology Agha Hassan Baloch, in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, it was also decided to reinstate 53 employees of BPS 1 to 19 who were terminated in 2019,”.

He advised all the officers to play their significant roles and work as hard as possible to ensure utter economic progress and development by making highest degree efforts and protecting the rights of consumers so that “Made in Pakistan “ is branded properly. He also said that Federal Minister Agha Hassan Baloch has assured his full support and assured his assistance regarding the quality culture promotion and standard maintenance by the authority. He also ordered the officers to take strict action regarding illegal and stolen goods.