Policy for development of Alternate and Renewable Energy being extended to GB and AJK

Engineering Post Report

The Federal Government has already approved the Policy for the development of Alternate and Renewable Energy (ARE2019) which states  the guiding principles  and incentives  for increasing the share of ARE in power generation .

As per the important decision of the incumbent  federal government, the ARE policy is being extended to Gilgit-Baltistan (GB)and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) in due course of time and it will be implemented  on fast rack basis across the country in order to increase the share of renewable  as per the targets  envisaged in the policy.

All the future development projects in the Power Sector accordingly   are to be governed by the Integrated  Generation  Capacity Expansion Plan and least cost  principle for generation prioritization.

All inefficient and loss making power plants of state-owned GENCOs of  low efficiency need to be closed down in phases and only efficient  power plants  should be  run  on merit.

Competitive  markets are to be established  from  single buyer- model   to multi-player  model. In this regard, the  regulator i.e. NEPRA  is to be made  capable of managing  a competitive , multi-player market.

Power  dispatch will be done  by the National Power  Control Centre in consultation with  Central Power  Purchasing Agency (Guarantee) in a transparent manner under the active watch  and directives of the regulator i.e. NEPRA.