PM inaugurates Ship lift and Transfer System at KS&EW

7300 ton capacity Ship lift and Transfer System at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS&EW) is inaugurated by PM Imran Khan. Talking to the ceremony, PM highlighted the impact of the fishing industry. PM re-emphasized on the commitment of the government to support the local industry.  The government is actively working on friendly policies to enhance shipping and fishing in the country’s waters. This will enhance the business for Karachi Shipyard. With high hopes that the drive towards higher grounds will continue in future and maximum benefits will be accumulated from the investment for poverty alleviation. This industry will boost the local market in the targeted area. The standard SLTS will be remembered as the ancestor of the revolution as his government is laboring for the maritime sector. The Ship Lift and Transfer System will provide docking and repair facilities to marine vessels up to 7300 ton. This prior system was dedicated to handle and repair only one ship at a time but this new docking technology will boost the work threshold on broaden horizon. The new docking tech will provide facilities to the ships in any area of the sea: a ship can be recovered from sea, transferred to any of the repair stations and the Ship Lift can then be immediately available to lift/lower next ship, thereby increasing productivity exponentially according to number of available parking spaces. At a time, it can accommodate 12 ships. The works generated from enhancing the ship repair capacity will outflow to the public and private industrial sectors.