PM for immediate operationalization of Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant

The Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif while chairing a review meeting regarding
electricity transmission and load management in summer directed for the Haveli
Bahadur Shah Power Plant to be made fully operational immediately, and for
relevant institutions to improve their coordination and communication with
regard to power generation and load management. During the meeting, a
detailed briefing was given on power generation and load management,
highlighting the effective measures being taken to minimise the burden of
electricity load shedding on the public.
During the meeting on the PM emphasised the need to finalise a strategy for the
electricity transmission system and load management, in preparation for the
summer season, to keep load shedding to a minimum, particularly during
Ramadan. The Prime Minister also expressed his satisfaction with the increasing
use of local fuels and alternative resources in the energy mix, which reduces the
dependence on imported fuels and the import bill.
Attendees at the meeting included the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue,
the Federal Minister for Energy, the Federal Minister for Information and
Broadcasting, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and relevant senior
government officials.