PHVACR Society – Karachi Chapter Signed MoC with Indus University, Karachi

Pakistan HVACR Society, Karachi Chapter, under the leadership of its Chairman Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed and his Local Council Team Members are meeting with Professors and Principals of various colleges and universities and highlighting the importance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Recently, they signed MOC with Memon Foundation and opened branch at Hunar Foundation and GCT Site, Karachi.

Last month, the Karachi Chapter and Indus University Signed the MOC to support each other and work together for students and welfare of the society.  This is the first engineering university on board with Karachi Chapter and they will continue the knowledge sharing.

The directors of Aga Khan Hospital Karachi were special guests at the event. They shared the importance of Air Conditioning in Hospitals and assured to arrange the central plant visit to the Hospital in near future. These activities will bring the confidence to the students, and they will be able to play vital role in the industries. 

Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed while talking to Engineering Post affirmed that Karachi Chapter is looking forward to put in the best efforts with its Local Council Team Members. Karachi Chapter will bring new opportunities for our students to develop technical skills under the supervision of Chapter Chairman and Local Council Members.”, he added.

Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed showed his gratitude for the Engineering Post for always keeping the industry informed and updated about the events of Pakistan HVACR Society and encouraging them.