P&G partners with Reon Energy on major renewable energy project

P&G Pakistan recently organized a ceremony along with Reon Energy Limited to highlight the inauguration of 1.86MW solar energy farm which is capable of providing more than 2,700,000 kWh of power on an annual basis. The farm is located at Port Qasim, 25 miles away from Karachi.

The agreement is said to be the largest for the company and the power generated from the project will be enough to supply more than 500 residencies. The agreement and project development is a benchmark for the P&G’s aim to increase the activity to depend more on green energy resources and initiate action towards minimum green house gases emission by the year 2040.

This will prove to be a huge step in the progress of the country’s development towards the usage of renewable and green energy sources and will be extremely beneficial regarding the changing climate and increased global warming in the region.

CEO P&G Adil Farhat, was an esteemed member of the ceremony. Addressing the attendees, he highlighted the significance of this partnership and said that P&G has always been one step ahead in the promotion of green energy sources and this partnership is going to play a very important role in acquiring their goals. He also stated that he is excited to work with their partners and is looking forward to it.