PESCO initiates project to curb illegal connections in KP

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) has initiated the Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) project in KP to decrease line losses and illegal connections in the province.

According to sources in the first phase of the project, ABC has been approved for high line loss feeders of Peshawar, Bannu and Khyber districts. This project will discourage Kunda culture in the province and improve recoveries in the region.

CEO PESCO Engineer Jabbar Khan has said that PESCO needs assistance of police and law enforcement agencies for collection of E-bills and controlling electricity theft in province. While explaining the scope of the project he said that ABC on 25 high loss feeders would be achieved this year while 29 ABC feeders would be completed by next year in Bannu. According to a report submitted by PESCO there was 100 percent recovery in soft areas, 98 percent in semi-hard areas and 59 percent in hard areas in KP. Line losses at Bannu, Shabqadar and Hari Chand Charsadda, Badabar in Peshawar are high mainly due to illegal connections. The number of consumers in 2002 had been 1.8 million that jumped to 3.98 million in 2022 while electricity demand went from 1,800MW to 3,307MW during the said periods.