PEPCO to be restructured, summary approved

The cabinet committee on Energy (CCoE) had a meeting with the Federal Minister of Special initiatives, Asad Umar and submitted the summary on the restructuring of Pakistan electric power company PEPCO. The summary was approved after a detailed discussion.

The summary included restructuring of PEPCO and a report of the Inter- Ministerial committee on the establishment of new terminals.

The major restructuring proposals approved include: a change in the name of the company to Power Planning and Monitoring Company (PPMC); Human Resources (HR) functions of the company delegated to the respective companies; a fee would be charged by the restricted company to DISCOs, GENCOs, and NTDC; the restructured company will approach development finance institutions and multi-lateral agencies to solicit support for capacity building; restructuring will be initiated on 31st December, 2021 after a change in the members of the board of directors of the company.

The committee discussed the report in detail and allocation of pipeline capacity was approved.

The minister ordered to fast-track the work on setting up new LNG terminals.
A summary on the policy direction for the RLNG plant operations was also put forward and discussed upon. It was decided that for this purpose, the minister of energy will arrange a discussion with the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and National Electric power regulatory authority (NEPRA) and would put forward suggestions that would be discussed in the next meeting of the CCoE.