Pakistan’s Solar Industry is badly hit by tax on Solar Items

Pakistan Solar Association and Karachi Dealers Association conducted a press conference against taxes in Mini-Budget by the Government. Mr. Naveed Karar (Chairman Pakistan Solar Association) and Mr. Saleem Mamon (VP of Karachi Dealers Association) were present at the spot to speak out about the issues being faced by Solar Industry as the government has implemented so many taxes which will never let industries to survive. Since, the solar industry was one of those categories to get the major attention of public due to fewer taxes. The folks were paying more attention towards renewable energy sources but now it seems that it will be tough to maintain that hike. This will not only affect the economic circle of industries but will also pave ways towards more unemployment. Over 60 % of energy in Pakistan is being generated by the thermal resources such as oil, natural gas etc. Due to increased prices of oil in import markets, a major chunk of money is being wasted on monthly bases. Moreover, the generation is not reciprocated with usage and this is not a good situation at all. Pakistan energy mix is already focusing on the fossil fuel and implementation of taxes at this sector will also delay the Go Green Vision of PM. Though government is committed to achieve this goal by 2030, but now it seems impossible as this will be a huge hurdle for Solar Sector. Thus, Pakistan solar association is demanding the immediate reconsideration of decision in order to promote the solar sector. As the import and export sectors are not in parallel in Pakistan but casting a major burden on economy especially in the domain of oil importation, the only solution for this is to use the natural resources. The past governments exempted all the taxes particularly from this sector which helped this industry to thrive better in Pakistan.