Pakistan’s potential under CPEC

In a recent seminar conducted by Dr. Mohid Iftikhar, gave a brief opinion on economic shift of Pakistan under the domain of Chinese initiatives. To highlight the global economic shift under belt and road initiative, policy development expert Dr Mohid Iftikhar has worked on the comparative study of Greece and Pakistan. He highlighted the importance of China’s overseas port investments and has urged his faculty to understand the global shifts. As per his analysis, Pakistan has potential to emerge as a hub of industrial development that will connect through rest of the world with the development of Gwadar Port. For time being, it is the need of hour to be patient in witnessing economic transformation in Pakistan. In near future, this will equally create new opportunities for the youth of Pakistan. He also narrated the potential of Pakistani youth that have capacity to dominate world in the aspects of cultural exchange, language, technology, higher education, entrepreneurship, agriculture etc. Earlier Prof. Dr. Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dean Faculty of Agricultural Social Sciences, SAU Tandojam, also highlighted the importance of CPEC. He penned down as that CPEC will provide a great opportunity for the students to develop and grow Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for their economic empowerment. Prof Qamaruddin Chachar, Dean Faculty of Crop Production, said our youth should focus on knowledge of economy through digitalization and researchers must have to focus on problem oriented research to capture the market needs under CPEC. In the productive seminar, a number of students participated and expressed their thoughts freely and vibrantly.