Pakistan’s first Electric bike Launched

Pakistan’s first Electric Bike “Jolta electric” has been launched in the country by PM Imran Khan.  Different variants of the bikes have been introduced for different segments of the society.

The bikes are being manufactured by Jolta Electric who claims that all components of the bikes including batteries as well as the motors driving the bikes are being manufactured completely in Pakistan. The company is using batteries of one of its own subsidiary companies Zoxcell.

PM Imran Khan while speaking at the launching event said that that manufacturing of electric bikes is a futuristic and positive step, and part of the government’s clean and green policy. He stressed the need to manufacture electric buses, vehicles, and motorcycles to address the issue of pollution. The prime minister regretted that pollution level has reached at a dangerous level in the country.

While speaking at the occasion the PM said that the main benefit of introducing electric vehicles is that it would lessen the import bill but to realise this goal it is important that all the components of the bike are manufactured in Pakistan.

Different models have been introduced by Jolta Electric for its E Bikes which include “70cc, 100cc, 125cc and 150cc”. The company claims that these bikes can ensure savings of Rs. 4000 every month.