Pakistan to import 200MW from Iran after transmission line upgrade

Pakistan and Iran have decided to improve the transmission lines on both sides to increase to import of electricity from 100MW to 200MW.

In this regard Iran and Pakistan will upgrade the existing transmission line by doubling the circuits from Polan to Gwadar on their respective sides.

According to sources Iran would upgrade 27 kilometer transmission line from Polan to zero point on the border sharing with Pakistan, followed by doubling the circuits on the TL from zero point to Gwadar port. The imported electricity would be supplied ton Quetta Electric Supply Company (Qesco).

Currently Iran is providing the electricity to Pakistan at 9 cents per unit but the difficulty lies in providing payments to the country due to the international sanctions against Iran.

Previously the Federal government had installed diesel generators in 17 different coastal locations to produce electricity during the peak hours back in 1970s. It was followed by import of electricity from Iran in three different phases, starting with 22 megawatt, then 35 megawatt and finally 100 megawatt in 2010.