Pakistan HVACR Society Karachi Chapter organized presentation on Indoor Air Quality

PHVACR Society, Karachi Chapter organized another detailed presentation on Basic Guideline of HVAC System Design to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Covid-19 Energy Recovery System. Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui offered the presentation in an amicable and professional manner.

Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui completed his second article on above topic. He highlighted the effects and its sources of Indoor Air Quality. After COVID 19, this topic has got more importance worldwide.

The poor IAQ causes effects on health of people and reduce cognitive ability. He emphasizes to give awareness to the people such as owners, designers, installers etc. His focus was on energy recovery to improve the IAQ and reduce the operational cost as well as electricity.

Besides, public sector level such as Federal Government, Provincial Government and Mayor of city shake hands with HVACR Society office and shake hands together to implement these guidelines for the better health of our people and healthy Pakistan. 

The presentation was also attended by society members and professionals from all corners of the city in a big number. The participants highly lauded the efforts of PHVACR Society in disseminating professional knowledge among members.

We never know the COVID or any virus spread out again. So, we need to prepare for future from today and implement these guidelines as highlighted by the writer both existing and new buildings.