Pakistan Engineering Council’s Elections 2021

The Pakistan Engineering Council is the professional body for accreditation of engineering education and regulation of engineering profession in Pakistan. The headquarter of PEC is located in Islamabad while regional offices are located in main cities of Pakistan. The previous elections which were held in 2018 had resulted in the victory of Engr. Jawed Saleem Qureshi who is still serving as the Chairman PEC. Recently there has been a lot of Buzz in the engineering community regarding the upcoming elections as the previous term comes to an end.  Election campaigns for PEC elections 2021 have already started with new many alliances breaking and new ones being formed. The PEC elections are scheduled to be held on 1st August 2021.

Curiously the sitting Chairman PEC Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi has still not nominated a candidate to be announced as his replacement until now. It is believed that the Chairman will speed up the campaign for the elections in the month of July 2021 just a few weeks before the elections

Engr. Najeeb Haroon and Engr. Waseem Nazir have already announced that they will be contesting the elections for the coveted spot of Chairman PEC. Engr. Waseem Nazir working with Professional Excellence Group (PEG) has started mobilising the engineering community for the upcoming elections. At the time this piece is being written the PEG has already started gatherings in different parts of the country as part of the election campaign.

Engr. Najeeb Haroon who is contesting the elections for the third time has reportedly formed an alliance with the National Engineers Welfare Association (NEWA). NEWA is considered one of the stronger groups in the engineering circles with a President who was a former chairman PEC other experienced members on board. Moreover the NEWA is part of the “National Engineering Alliance” which has the strong support of Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan as well as the Contractor Association of Pakistan. During a recent meeting arranged at a local restaurant Engr. Najeeb Haroon said that it has been the misfortune of this country that the Engineers in this country have not been given their due share of respect and authority. He urged all the engineers and other groups to join in to his group and to form a consensus regarding the selection of a chairman of the Paksitan Engineering Council.

As the Qureshi group has still not announced a candidate the situation is unclear as of now but once a candidate is announced the campaigning will start will full force by all groups all across the country