Pakistan aiming for 60% renewable energy by 2030

With the increasing concerns about of Climate change and its destructive effects all over the world a global effort is underway to slow down and possibly reverse it by decreasing carbon emissions and increasing green initiatives.

Pakistan is also playing a substantial part in curbing climate change by controlling carbon emissions. The major source of carbon emissions is the burning of fossil fuels for production of energy. Pakistan is planning to shift its energy production to renewable sources to ensure that the planet remains protected as well.

Senator Faisal Javed, while speaking at the session on COP 26 and the Way Ahead-Role of Parliaments in Climate Politics and Implementation of the Paris Agreement at Sustainable Development Conference titled: Beyond the Pandemic: Leaving no one behind, organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) said that Pakistan plans to inject 60 percent renewables into energy mix in steps and hopes to achieve this goal by 2030. Professor Siegfried from Germany while speaking at the conference suggested that Pakistan needs to think of a hydrogen source to facilitate their country as well as supply to the other European countries

Pakistan is already aggressively encouraging tree plantation all across the country. With plans to plant at least 10 Billion trees out of which 1.5 Billion have already been planted. Although the contribution of Pakistan towards environmental pollution is less than one percent but due to its geological location it is one of the countries most affected by climate change.