Pak Army to use Solar energy for its cantonments

Pakistan Army has decided to plan and implement the use of solar energy for their cantonments and limit the utilization of non renewable forms of energy to play their part in creating solutions for the current energy crisis in the country. The main reason for this decision is to shift from a much expensive system power supply to a relatively cheaper solar source which will ultimately benefit the energy equilibrium nationwide.

Col. Mansoor Mustafa, Director General Works and Chief Engineer Army has stated that the plan has already been approved by Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) , NEPRA and the state Bank of Pakistan. The projects, after the commencement of competitive bidding, have been awarded to Nizam Energy, Solis Energy and Foundation Solar energy.

In an official letter written to AEDB, Secretary Finance, Secretary Power Division, Secretary Defence, Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Farhan Anwar Ali, Bank Al-Falah, Imtiaz Saithna, Habib Bank Limited and M/s Nisam Energy Col. Mansoor Mustafa stated that the military is currently working on installation of 54 MWp systems in various cantonments across the country however issues have been faced by the vendors which are related to the off shore components. In this regard, GHQ has requested AEDB to align their vendors to ensure the completion of halted projects.

The government of Pakistan had already decided to shift all the federal government buildings to solar energy under their broad spectrum project of the use of “clean and green energy” in order to minimize the use of expensive non renewable energy which is unaffordable for some industrial, commercial and domestic consumers.