Orient Energy Systems celebrates 25 Years of Successful Operations

From Humble Beginnings to Market Leader;

Successful businesses typically begin by identifying a need, creating a viable solution, delivering positive results and then adding in a healthy dose of passion, adaptability and wise decision-making. For the last 25 years, Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. has done just that.

Orient grew out of an engineering and service company, which was founded by 5 young entrepreneurs. Orient had established itself as a leader in the industry, selling several power generation products with complete engineering solutions and unmatchable after sale support.

Orient quickly became a dominant power generation-industrial solution company in Pakistan, establishing regional offices in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Multan as well as in Bangladesh and Dubai. In early 2000s, Orient associated itself with foreign power generations giants and gave its people the opportunity to learn to train themselves on behalf of the organization and provide services to clients that are impeccable.

Our Vision

Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the leading multinational engineering companies in Pakistan, distributing internationally recognized power generation and industrial solutions and services. Orient Energy Systems started its operation in the year 1996, pursuant to the company’s philosophy, Power for all. Orient empowers people and their business by bringing to them the best global performers of the field of power generation and industrial solutions. Our strength lies in our ability to understand market demands, keeping up with the changing technologies trends, building relationships and offering solutions, which are the most dependable, efficient, cost effective and exceeding client expectations. Our diverse client-base ranges from household consumers, government bodies, local industries and multinational giants, hence displaying our capability and the power of the brands that we represent.

Our vision is to become market leader and most reliable energy solution provider. Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. completed its glorious 25 years in October, 2021- celebrating 25 years of service excellence in the power generation industry.  Orient is marking the occasion by looking back on all the organization has achieved since 1996. We are certainly proud of our legacy.

Moving Toward the Next Milestone

Although Orient aims to develop and innovate power generation industry by learning alternate strategies, the company intends to also honor its legacy. “We are building the organization for the next 25 years and are aware of how to position ourselves. Our investment in internal talent ensures we will continue to secure a strategic position in the marketplace,”

By understanding objectives and keeping the Orient vision in mind, we can bring the best practices to our customers and continue to transform Orient in the process. As Orient moves towards the next quarter century mark, the company vows to embrace the same growth mindset and the agility to always scale quickly.

Orient’s determination to continue on its current path with a focus on internal talent and engagement. “We will continue to adapt to the changing needs in the marketplace, ready and able to take on any new challenges,”