Optimistic about future in Pakistan Enpower Engineering’s thrust towards International Markets

Mr Shahzad Hassan Qadri, Managing Director, Enpower Engineering

Enpower Engineering Company (ECC) stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of engineering, known for its world-class products and unparalleled after-sales service. During a recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Mr Shahzad Hassan Qadri, Managing Director, shared insights into the company’s journey and its resilience in the face of current economic challenges.
With a tenure at CMC group since 1995, Mr. Shahzad Qadri played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s operations. What began as a modest retail venture in Lahore, primarily dealing in agricultural diesel engines, evolved into a market leader for machinery and power products. The establishment of Enpower Engineering Company in 2006 marked a milestone, particularly with the initiation of generator assembly in Pakistan in 2009.
Discussing the company’s future trajectory, Mr. Shahzad articulated a compelling vision of exporting Pakistani products to global markets. Enpower Engineering is poised to make significant strides in the realm of exports, eyeing international markets with strategic precision. In this regard Enpower Engineering has also established an office in Dubai which will be a working base for the planned exports from Pakistan. “Our vision is not confined by borders. We see exports as a means to not only showcase the excellence of Pakistani engineering but also to contribute to the local economy by bringing in much needed dollars for the country,” said Mr. Mr Shahzad Hassan Qadri during the interview.
With a keen focus on quality and competitive pricing, the company aims to position Pakistani products as formidable contenders in the global arena. Enpower’s resolve to export encompasses a diverse range of engineering solutions, including generators and related components, bolstered by a commitment to meet and exceed international standards. He anticipates a strategic expansion into international markets, particularly Africa and the Middle East, building upon the strong foundations established in Pakistan.
Reflecting on the impact of recent restrictions on imports, Mr. Shahzad acknowledged initial apprehensions but emphasized that the availability of existing stocks mitigated adverse effects. Government allowances for contracts and Letters of Credit (LCs) in early 2023 ushered in a positive shift, further reinforcing a sense of stability.”
He also pointed out the positive shift in sentiment, stating, “Demoralization will decrease with time. People have realized that situations never remain the same; people were depressed but with time, survival instincts have kicked in and people have found solutions.” Acknowledging a temporary decline in sales, Mr. Shahzad exuded confidence in resurgence. During the conversation when asked about their core brand Hyundai, Mr. Shahzad shed light on Hyundai’s transformative journey from its initial base in China to the current production of diesel generators in Korea, boasting technically advanced engines. “Hyundai generators from Korea are much more advanced and offer exceptional value for money, aligning with consumers’ purchasing power,” he explained
In response to a shifting trend towards solar power, Mr. Shahzad revealed a strategic shift in the company’s focus, aligning with the greener and sustainable energy landscape. “Enpower Engineering has completed the test phase for Solar instalments and will now be moving towards full fledge Solar installations in parallel with the diesel generator business,” he revealed. Enpower Engineering anticipates a gradual transition where diesel generators will primarily serve remote and emergency situations, while solar power gains prominence. He acknowledged that while expertise in solar power is less readily available, mechanics for generators are more accessible, signifying a gradual shift in the industry.