Only two new schemes planned to be launched in IT and Telecom Sector during 2023-24

Engineering Post Report

The Information technology & Telecom Division of the Federal Government has plans in hand to launch only two new development schemes in the Information Technology & Telecommunication Sector  under the Public Sector  Development Programme  (PSDP)  during the ongoing financial year 2023-24. 

One of  these new schemes is “Digital Economy Enhancement Project” which is funded by the World Bank for implementation at a cost of Rs 17479.750 million including  foreign aid of Rs 17470.750 million. Only a small amount of Rs 10.000 million in foreign aid and no rupee has been provided for its planned launching . It  was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council  (ECNEC) in  February 2023.

The other  project is ” Expansion of GPON  FTTH  services  in Eleven new & Existing Cities Phase-!V ” though was under process but its cost has been given at Rs 800.000 million  without any foreign aid and allocation of  Rs 50.000 million  under the PSDP 2023 for its implementation after its being okayed at the appropriate level.

(GPON is Gigabit  Passive Optical Network” and FTTH is Fibre to the Home”)

Information Technology & Telecommunication Division was already implementing 30 development projects in a phased manner, details about which will be mentioned on these pages some other time, please.