NTDC installed Shunt reactors on 500 kV Dadu-Jamshoro transmission line

National Transmission Despatch Company Limited (NTDC) is in final stages to complete its projects of transmission lines and grid stations at quick pace across the country. The company is also working rapidly on stability of power transmission system in the south. NTDC Project execution team of Hyderabad has installed 3×22 MVAR Shunt reactors on 152 km long 500 kV Dadu-Jamshoro transmission line. It emerges from 500 kV Dadu Grid Station. The shunt reactors have been completed with the cost of Rs 340 million and energized successfully. The newly installed shunt reactors will also help to control voltages of power system more efficiently.  It will also enhance overall Power System Stability of NTDC Network.  Thus, Smooth power supply will be ensured to the consumers of Sindh through Power Distribution Company. Shunt Reactors are used in high voltage energy transmission systems to control the voltage during load variations. A few days ago, the company completed four more 500 kV transmission line circuits from power plants located in southern parts of the country. The transmission line circuits have been connected with HVDC Converter Station at Matiari. Along with the upgradation work of 130 km long 220 kV Jamshoro-KDA transmission line, it is transmitting 450 MW additional power from National Grid to K-Electric.This is a big relief for the people of Karachi during the holy month of Ramazan.