New land for Gwadar Modern Shipyard to be procured

Engineering Post Report

Fresh efforts are underway for  the provision and allotment of the most suitable  land for establishment of New Modern Shipyard  in Gwadar in order to incentivize  commercial ship building and repair industry for creating new  employment opportunities and spurring economic growth  since great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is catalyzing saga of developmental activities in Gwadar.

According to the information available from official sources concerned,  750 acres of land already allotted by the  Provincial Government of Balochistan in Moza Kappar Gwadar for this purpose  lies at a higher altitude  against the sea level and also at about 60 kilometers  distance away from Gwadar Port..

After taking all the stakeholders on board in consultations it has been finally proposed  that instead of Moza Kappar, area of Surbandar is the most suitable  for the construction of  Modern Shipyard  as it is located at zero elevation. . The area already is incorporated  in the Gwadar Master Plan 2050 , has natural shelter  with ecological advantages and many allied facilities are easily available around Surbander land. 

The newly-proposed location of Surbander is just 24 kilometers  away from Gwadar Port. Apart from offering essential  dry docking facilities to the cargo ship visiting  Gwadar Port, the Shipyard will also be offering  services for building new ships.

The Federal and Provincial Government had signed a  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  for the establishment of Gwadar Shipyard in February 2022.

The sources maintained that the project  in the strategically located Gwadar city  was of great regional importance as well as of importance for the socio-economic development of comparatively backward Balochistan province and overall  and the country on the whole as it will be creating employment opportunities for the locals and generating and boosting  substantial revenue generation for the province and its people.