New chairman FIEMDC appointed

The Faisalabad Industrial Estate and Development Management Company (FIEMDC) was under the state of a hiatus without the new Chairman. Recently, the CEO of ZIS textile, Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar has been appointed the new chairman of the company. Along with him, their has been a number of additions to the board of directors as well, including Mian Kashif Zia, the chairman of PHMA, Azizullah Goheer, the secretary general of Pakistan textile exporters association and Muhammad Asif Ali, the CEO of TIPOO enterprise.

These changes are expected to help change the company systematics and improve the working of the company. All the projects that had been paused due to the lack of a proper working system and authority will now continue to be finished under the supervision of the company along with its new members and Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar.

All the newly elected members of the company started off their journey by wishing all the best of luck and said that the company has been facing problems for quite a while now but now, once again, it will continue to rise high and get to new checkpoints.

While addressing for the public, Mr. Atif Munir Sheikh warmly welcomed the new chairman of FIEMDC and stated that the company has been able to develop a few industrial estates to continue the industrial production and export in an effective and efficient environment. He also said that Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar is a very competent and far thinking visionary industrialist and has been playing a very important role in the sector of textile export.

“His appointment to head FIEDMC Board will not only spur local and foreign investment but also help Pakistan to achieve 100 percent export target to US 21 billion dollars by the end of next year.” He said.

He is very hopeful with the fact that Mr. Zafar will play a key role in the continuation of a steady and smooth flow of the textile and industrial export on the country. The shortage of natural gas that we are about to witness in the upcoming winter season will also be observed and it will be made sure that uninterrupted supply is given to the industrial systems to continue all the industrial and export processes efficiently.