NEPRA certified NTDC’s better performance

NEPRA has certified NTDC for better performance as compared to the last year 2019-20. In the performance report, the following improvements have been mentioned.   The system duration of interruption earlier was witnessed on average around 0.12 hours (7 minutes) which has a decrease of 80% as compared to last year with an average of 0.61 hours (37 minutes). The system frequency interruption as per average number of outages per circuit for KE remained 0.09, showing a decrease of 77% over the previous year i.e. 0.39. To gauge system security, the estimates of total ENS (energy not served) ENS as reported by KE is 0.701 million kWh that is 74% lower than the previous year i.e. 2.678 million kWh. Based on average energy sale rate of KE has reported 3 incidents of loss of supply during the year 2019-20 which translates into total duration of 0.95 hours. The voltage violations remained the same i.e. 9 in 2019-20 as compared to preceding year. No violation occurred at 220 kV level both under normal and N-1 conditions and at 132 kV level, limits were violated under normal conditions. A significant improvement by NTDC in reliability and security indicators has been observed as compared to preceding year. Howbeit, voltage violations and low voltage profile is still a question mark and NTDC needs to improve its functions of planning, operation, protection, augmentation & expansions and rehabilitation to overcome these issues. In order to diagnose the root cause of low voltage, monitoring activities are being initiated by Nepra on periodic basis.  To avoid any undesirable condition on the system and ensure continuity and stability of supply to the electricity consumers, NEPRA is working more consciously.