NED to contribute towards Urban Developmental Projects

An event related to Urban & Infrastructure Development Project has been held at the NED University. Since, the department of Urban & Infrastructure Engineering is actively working on the development of sustainable and functionally dependable urban habitats; this is the primary need of the community. As the urban engineers have been providing a physical definition of the urban habitat by planning, designing, building/constructing, operating, and maintaining the infrastructure including buildings and roads, NED has been playing a vital role being the oldest institute of Pakistan. The event was attended by the Searle Company’s Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Dr Syed Nadeem Ahmed and the Vice Chancellor of NED University of Engineering & Technology, Dr Sarosh Hashmat Lodi. As, the Searle Company Limited is supporting NED University of Engineering & Technology, which is intended to establish a novel state-of-the-art research facility called Rashid Abdullah Research Centre for the engineering students of NED University. This is supposed to accelerate research discoveries into innovative technologies and commercial realities. With the opportunity to facilitate the social and economic interactions within the urban habitat through ubiquitous transportation and communication systems, the sole purpose of the event was to address physical effect on health that results due to ecological misbalance.