Navigating Three Decades of Excellence in Tendering and Proposals at IMS Electric

Engineering Post in conversation with Yezdi G. Talati at IMS Electric

Yezdi G. Talati, is serving as the Tendering and Proposals Manager at IMS Electric. He and his team have been diligently involved in the art of crafting offers tailored to the distinct needs of customers inquiring about products for their projects. With a remarkable journey spanning three decades within the company, Yezdi’s professional trajectory has closely mirrored the evolution of the organization itself.

Throughout his tenure, Yezdi G. Talati has borne witness to the metamorphosis of the company’s nomenclature. During the recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Yezdi G. Talati reminisced that he[HM1]  started his journey when the company was called AEG, the organization later underwent a transformation into Schneider Electric, a prominent name in the industry. Presently, it stands as IMS Electric, having undergone a recent acquisition that has propelled it further on its path of growth. Yezdi G. Talati enduring commitment to the company has earned him the distinction of having been a steadfast participant in this transformative journey.

At the heart of IMS Electric’s repertoire lies an array of essential products including Medium Voltage Switchgears, Low Voltage Switchgears, Relay and Control Panels, Power Distribution Boards, and an assortment of other indispensable electrical components. Of particular note is the unique distinction held by IMS Electric as the sole entity licensed to manufacture products under the aegis of Schneider Electric. This exclusive license not only underscores the company’s expertise but also positions it as a trusted partner for customers seeking top-tier electrical solutions.

While the landscape is populated by numerous entities engaged in the manufacturing of switchgears, IMS Electric distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards. Yezdi G. Talati eloquently encapsulates this dedication, stating, “Our primary focus is to provide unparalleled customer facilitation. This commitment has been our guiding principle throughout our journey.”

However, the path towards excellence is not devoid of challenges. Yezdi G. Talati candidly acknowledges the pervasive obstacle posed by bans on imports. In an industry where a substantial 70% of the raw materials utilized in manufacturing are sourced from foreign markets, import restrictions cast a long shadow, inducing delays and logistical complications. In his words, “Navigating the intricate web of import regulations has been a formidable task, and we continuously strive to find innovative ways to circumvent these challenges,” he said

Another variable that exerts its influence on the industry is the capricious nature of exchange rates. The precipitous fluctuations in foreign currencies present a dynamic challenge that necessitates astute management. Yezdi G. Talati elucidated this point by emphasizing, “The volatility of exchange rates demands a proactive approach. We have adopted a strategic approach of quoting customers in foreign currency, thereby mitigating the impact of currency fluctuations on our operations.”

Amidst this quest for excellence, IMS Electric’s commitment to quality and sustainability is unequivocal. Holding certifications in both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, the company places paramount importance on adherence to rigorous quality standards while simultaneously ensuring environmentally responsible practices.