MyTech Engineering raising standards in MEP industry with excellent services

A candid conversation with Mr. Munawar Hasan, CEO, MyTech Engineering

MyTech Engineering Company (Pvt.) Ltd stands as a frontrunner in the realm of MEP services, specializing in Fire Protection, Air Conditioning, and IT Infrastructure projects. With an illustrious track record, the company prides itself on delivering top-notch products and services to its diverse clientele, collaborating with renowned global brands. Catering to safety solutions the company safeguards lives, machinery, assets, data centers, and facilities worldwide. A pioneering force, MyTech was among the first in Pakistan to introduce cutting-edge American technology and firefighting equipment, setting new benchmarks in safety provisions.

Established in 2016, MyTech Engineering has ceaselessly endeavoured to offer unparalleled quality and reliability across its products and services. Engaged in an extensive spectrum of engineering solutions encompassing fire protection systems, HVAC systems, cooling towers, PE piping, ducting systems, and RO plants, the company specializes in providing top-tier MEP/PEC solutions, carving a niche in the market.

Engineering Post had an exclusive interaction with Mr. Munawar Hasan, CEO of MyTech Engineering, discussing the prevailing business landscape in Pakistan. Hasan revealed the company’s strategic diversification, expanding its product portfolio to offer a comprehensive array of solutions. “Our repertoire now spans beyond Fire fighting or HVAC. We cover products related to both Active and Passive components of Data Centres, including room integrity testing with Passive fire material, Lifts, Escalators, and Welding fabrication of MS pipes/Sheets and PE piping installation,” he highlighted.

Notably, MyTech has ventured beyond Pakistan’s borders, successfully completing projects in Kandahar (Afghanistan) and seeking further international ventures. Mr. Hasan stressed the importance of global exposure, aiming to attract multinational collaborations and expand into markets like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. “Our recent successful completion in Kandahar has bolstered our confidence, prompting the opening of our branch office in Dubai, UAE, to tap into the Arab countries’ markets,” Mr. Munawar Hasan added.

MyTech Engineering’s dedication to after-sales services is paramount in ensuring continued client satisfaction and sustained success in the market. Understanding the crucial role this plays, they’ve established a specialized team solely dedicated to post-installation support. This team remains consistently engaged with clients, swiftly responding to inquiries, concerns, or technical issues that might arise after the installation of their systems. The primary focus is to ensure that clients experience minimal disruptions in their operations, and any queries or problems are promptly addressed. Moreover, MyTech’s after-sales services encompass regular follow-ups, routine maintenance checks, and comprehensive troubleshooting. They offer personalized assistance, guiding clients through system functionalities, upgrades, and any required modifications.

While commenting on it Mr Munawar Hassan said “The company’s commitment doesn’t end with installation; we aim for establishing an enduring relationships with clients, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the life cycle of their systems. This meticulous attention to after-sales services fosters trust and confidence in the clientele, consolidating MyTech’s position as a reliable partner in the realm of engineering solutions,” MyTech Engineering looks ahead to amplifying safety and security awareness by organizing lectures and training programs for universities, institutions, and industries. With an unwavering focus on enhancing technical expertise, the company aims to foster safety solutions at both local and global scales.