Mr Mahmood Pervaiz from Azna Switchgear Passed away

Mr Mahmoood Pervaiz, the founder of Azna Switchgear Company left for his eternal abode after battling with pulmonary fibrosis for the last few years. He was a well-known and well respected figure in the engineering community and his departure from life has saddened the whole fraternity.

Mr Mahmood Pervaiz was one of those few people who was completely self-made and started his career from very humble beginnings. He started his professional life from a small shop where he used to repair radios while taking technical classes at railway academy. During that time in 1976 he received an offer to serve with Iraninan Imperial Airforce as a ground crew member.  His main responsibilities included Operation and Maintenance of diesel power stations at the airbase. After serving for one year he resigned from the Iranian Imperial Airforce and joined AEG Telephone Company in Tehran as a Commissioning Engineer. After working at AEG Tehran for two years he came back to Pakistan.

After coming back to the country he joined Packages Company as an associate electrical engineer and worked for 6 years for the company. He was known for efficient working and a strict work ethic at all the places he worked at. Before starting Azna Switchgear Company Mr Mahmoood Pervaiz also worked for AEG Pakistan as an Erection Engineer. His previous experience of working at AEG Tehran helped him immensely during his tenure in at AEG Pakistan.

On 1st January 1999 Mr Mr Mahmoood Pervaiz started Azna Switchgear Company. His vast experience working in the field had helped him accumulate a large number of contacts in many different places. These contacts were instrumental in the success of his newly started business. His dedication to work and in depth technical knowledge was the deciding factor for the success of Azna Switchgear.

Mr Mahmoood Pervaiz despite his humble beginning never faltered from his path to success and was able to work with national as well as multinational companies.  His philosophy of never compromising on quality of the product fostered trust of clients in his company and the various products it offered. This not only gained him immense respect in the market but also helped Azna Switchgear in cementing its position as a reliable brand in Pakistan. Mr Mahmood Pervaiz breathed his last on 15, February 2022. Engineering Post on behalf of all the Engineering community in Pakistan offers the deepest condolences to the bereaved family and pray that the deceased is granted the Highest Rank in Janna’h.