Mr. Javaid Iqbal, Chairman, Faisalabad Chapter, PHVACR Society

The Pakistan HVACR Expo 2023 commenced today in Karachi with great participation from various industry professionals. Approximately 25 individuals from the Faisalabad Chapter of the Pakistan HVACR Society, led by Javaid Iqbal, Chairman of the Faisalabad Chapter are also part of the expo.

In an exclusive interview with Engineering Post, Javaid Iqbal expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Karachi chapter, stating, “I would like to congratulate the hardworking team of the Karachi chapter. Their dedication and tireless efforts have placed this Expo in an outstanding position.”

One of the major highlights of the Expo is the long-awaited agreement between the HVACR Society and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Javaid Iqbal emphasized the significance of this collaboration, saying, “The agreement with ASHRAE is a crucial milestone that has been pending for a long time. When the HVACR Society and ASHRAE work together, it will undoubtedly lead to better outcomes and advancements in our industry.”

The Expo also features exhibitors and stalls from Faisalabad, showcasing their products and services. This initiative not only highlights the diverse offerings of Faisalabad but also provides a valuable opportunity for networking and business growth.

Javaid Iqbal urged all attendees to embrace the spirit of innovation and collaboration, stating, “I encourage all participants to take full advantage of this Expo by engaging with fellow professionals, attending informative sessions, and exploring the exhibition stalls. Together, let us propel the HVACR industry forward through knowledge exchange and fruitful collaborations.”