More than 45000 engineers are jobless in the country

Engineering Post Report

More than 45 thousand civil, mechanical, textile and other  disciplines  engineers are jobless in the country for varying durations, exploring all avenues for their employment and waiting for any positive  response from contractors, firms and other employers for securing employment on reasonable terms.

There is also a list of 27245 engineers on the website of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) who had applied for registration with it for securing employment on reasonable terms with some good employers on the basis of their qualifications  but their submitted documents have been found to be invalid somehow.

There are more than 100 engineering universities and  colleges in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Balochistan provinces. Punjab has the highest number of 52 engineering education related institutions and Balochistan has the lowest number, only 02.

As per recent survey,  around 25000  engineers graduate  every year and roughly 0.26 million  engineers are  registered with the PEC.

PEC intends to provide a platform  from which acts  as a bridge between employers and job seeking engineers. PEC  has no responsibility  for the job/business agreement  between  the employers and employees  and any situation arising out of it.

Pakistan Engineering Council  was established  under act of the Parliament in January 1976 with its headquarters in Islamabad as a statutory body working for regulating  engineering professional  quality of  engineering education  and functioning as a key driving force for achieving  rapid and sustainable  growth in all national economic and social fields, as per information available from PEC website.

A letter of Swabi-based engineer titled ” Unemployed Engineers” recently published in the newspapers is reproduced here as it throws some light on the  problems of the unemployed engineers.

It reads “In Pakistan, the situation is very grave  for engineers. According to a report  by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) published in March 2021, over 100,000 engineers are  jobless in our country. In some cases, graduates of the year 2015, 2016 and 2017 are seen looking for job opportunities but to no avail. PEC is solely responsible  for providing jobs to engineers and regulating  the construction industry. However, it has  failed miserably in stopping unethical  practices  such as  card selling and the low wages of engineers.

“In the country,  thousands of engineers  are  forced to  sell  out  their engineering licenses at very low prices. For example, an engineer told me  that he sold his card  for one year at the market cost of Rs 80,000. The reason behind this, he answered, was  poor job market. Mafias and agents are  actively involved  in these unethical  practices on Facebook and WhatsApp, however,  PEC has turned  a blind eye to them. Neither it has taken any concrete steps towards  curbing these  malpractices from the noble profession of engineers nor did it  facilitate engineers  in finding jobs.

“Another issue with the engineering profession, specifically civil engineers, is  the low salary. The average salary that contractors pay to engineers is approximately Rs 20,000 which is less than  even the minimum wages of unskilled workers (Rs 25000 per month). However, contractors  show Rs 60000 to Rs 70000 salaries paid  to engineers to PEC in documents. If any engineer raises his voice against this injustice, then he will lose his job as a punishment.

“PEC need to step in and fulfill its responsibilities of providing and creating jobs for engineers in Pakistan. It should demand  monthly bank statements  from contractors that whether they paid salaries to engineers or not. This step will make it nearly impossible  for contractors  to buy licences  from engineers. Most importantly, it will also  solve the issue of low salaries. Such steps will not eradicate unethical practices from the construction industry but  also help the  government  in generating revenues  through documentation of the economy”.