Monitor Cables steadily gaining market share in the industry

Mr. Naveed Boghani, Director, Monitor Cables talks to Engineering Post

Monitor cables was established by Mr. Hassan Ali Boghani in 2005 in a humble facility where they started the production of enameled wires, used majorly in motor winding. Monitor Cables then diversified their product range and started production of cables as well. The company has since blossomed into a large network with multiple distributors all across the country with special focus towards clients in Sindh and KPK province.  

Engineering Post held an exclusive interview with company director Mr. Naveed Boghani to gain insights regarding the workings of the company and their plans for the future. While explaining the journey of the company in the last decade Mr. Naveed Boghani explained that Monitor cables started working in the manufacturing of enameled cables and gradually diversified their profile by including the manufacturing of cables wires and PVC in their portfolio “We started production of single core wires in addition to enameled wires,” he said.

During the conversation Mr. Naveed Revealed that the manufacturing facility at Monitor Cables is equipped to PVC as well which is used in cables. This has gained them a superior advantage over their competition “Only a handful of companies have the in-house expertise and capability to produce PVC. Manufacturing our own PVC ensures that our cables are protected by grade A material which enhances the quality and results in cost saving as well which is beneficial for us in beating the competition” he said. This is a significant advantage to the company because PVC is used extensively in the manufacturing of cables. If the quality of the PVC is not up to the mark it will not be able to sustain the high degree of heat it is subjected to during operation and will have a high probability to melt or deform “Our PVC is of the highest quality which ensures that our cables have excellent tolerance to heat” he added

In the past few years Monitor Cables has established a large network of dealers and distributors across the country which ensures the easy availability of their product all over Pakistan. A large chunk of the product is being used in KPK where monitor cables has given an agency to its authorized vendor.

Monitor cables has the experience of working not only with distributors but also on projects which gives them an edge. Currently the company is working on a couple of projects for Pakistan Navy as well as some projects in the private sector. As the demand for their products is increasing consistently the company has decided to enhance their manufacturing capabilities to ensure that the product is readily available for the consumers when required “We are working on increasing the scale of our in house manufacturing to cater to a larger clientele in the future,” he explained. “Currently the company is focused on producing single core wires for the market and for future prospects we will move towards manufacturing multi core cables as well,” he said. With the expansion of their manufacturing capacity through induction of new machinery and by increasing their product range, Monitor cables is looking forward to increasing their market share and providing a larger number of clients with their high quality product.