MoIT join hands with Digital Cooperation Organization

In order to enhance collaboration in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Federal Ministry of IT and Telecommunication Pakistan and Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) has agreed on a pitch node. The DCO consists of 7 founding member countries, including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nigeria, Oman, and Jordan. This collaboration solely aims to benefit from mutual experiences and observations. While providing technical requirements for their citizens, it will enable market opportunities from their collective populations of 500 million people. The three-day inaugural visit to Pakistan by Secretary-General of DCO Dima AlYahya turned out a massive output with multiple agreements. Making efforts to promote public-private partnerships while enhancing the role of women in information technology, this will provide digital facilities in urban and rural areas. Moreover, it will also provide investment opportunities for IT professionals and start-ups to meet the challenges of the digital work.  Making a referendum on “Pakistan Innovation Challenge”, this will enable one million Pakistan K-12 students to learn digital skills by 2022. Since, Pakistan Government is committed to provide all citizens with the skills to benefit from vision of a knowledge-based digital economy; Pakistan Innovation Challenge is a great example about how government is partnering globally to support children and Pakistan’s future digitally. The Pakistan Innovation Challenge is one of the initiatives launched with an online competition for school children to learn maths, computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence, design, and innovation online.