Mobile phone manufacturing increases to 88 percent

The annual local mobile phone manufacture increased by 88 percent in 2021 as compared to 2020 when the market stood at 13.05 million whereas in 2021 the recorded cap was 24.66 million rupees. The import market cap of mobile phone manufacture stood at 10.26 million in 2021 as compared to 2020. The mobile handsets production reached to 24.66 million in the calendar year after a 2.5 million increase in December 2021. In this way, the production unit has been more than double as compared to the imports recorded last year.

The data revealed from PTA clearly stated that an uptrend in the manufacture of local mobile phones was seen on the MDM authorization regulatory regime resulting in the making of 24.66 million smartphones in just one year including approximately 10 million 4G smartphones in the market.

This gain has only been achieved due to the successful implementation of DIRB system, the mobile manufacturing policy and the elimination of counterfeit device market which has created a level of trust on the consumers for the local products. The mobile manufacturing policy has been formed to encourage the manufacture of mobile phones in Pakistan. So far, 29 companies have been issued MDM authorization including brands like Samsung, Oppo and Nokia. This has brought huge amount of investments in the country and has opened approximately 10000 job opportunities.