Miss Adeeba Mehboob

Convener Conference HVAC Trends 2021

ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter President 2020-2021

Global market research reports indicate that the VRF system market will likely almost double to

$30 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of approximately 12%! And, Pakistan is part of that growing market.

Once predominantly airconditioned with split units, projects are gradually being designed and replaced with VRFs, especially in commercial and multi-residential buildings. Even specialized or higher end developments with typically Chilled Water Systems Design are now giving way to VRFs in many instances. This choice is driven by various reasons, from energy and space efficiency to comfort, maintenance or easier billing advantages. But with every technology comes its challenges. The need for a greater understanding of the technology, its correct application, installation and care, becomes more crucial with an increase in its popularity.  

The ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter is therefore excited to host its first ever Expo and Conference – HVACR Trends! focusing on VRF Technology. The event will bring together the various stakeholders of our Building and HVACR Industry where knowledge and experience of VRFs shall be shared, discussed and debated, and help shed light on the VRF market and its future trends.

So whether you are a Building Owner, Consultant, Architect, Developer, Contractor, Vendor, Manufacturer, Academia or Home Owner, we hope to see you all in that room, where we can together learn and build better, more viable, healthier and sustainable buildings for all!