Ministry of Science & Technology continuing supporting SMEs 

Report by Engineering Post

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) was continuing to guide   and  support the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)  in exploring and adopting  new trends  and requirements of  international competitiveness  and improving  industrial productivity  and quality  according to  the requirements of internationally recognized  standards and guidelines.

According to the information available, under the project ” Certification  Incentive Programme for SMEs under  PQI Initiatives 2025″, funded under the Punjab Sect or Development Programme (PSDP) out of1471 applicant SMEs  , more than  854 applicant firms had since been approved for the award of the incentive grant amounting to Rs 2888.000 million. 

For capacity building and human resources development in the Science and Technology sector,  Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics  programme  was initiated   for the capacity building  of existing  schools, the skill development  of science teachers  and the empowerment of young students  to become  productive  scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Development of processes, technologies and products and improvement  in  academia industry  relations  was also under  implementation  through Competitive Research Programme and Research Support Programme.

Pakistan Council of Science and Industry Research (PCSIR) was the premier public sector research and development organization of the country with a network of 17 research laboratories a/units  including 06  training institutes located all over the country.

A PSDP project titled “Data Repository of Scientific Instruction” was also being executed  and under the scope of the project,  the available  instrumental  facilities of well-equipped research centres and universities from all over the country were being used to facilitate the researchers  by paying a reasonable amount of  analysis. More than 300 students/researchers from different universities and institutes had so far been provided access  to analytical services.