Meeting directed by PESD for safety regulations of buildings

A meeting was held for the discussion and briefing on measures required for the safety of buildings more than 50 feet above their lowest level. The meeting was organized by Punjab Emergency Services Department PESD and was attended by the chairman of regional executive committee ABAD M Akbar Sheikh, Vice President of Institute of Planner, Pakistan, Dr Tariq Habib Malik, Head of Fire Wing, Abrar Hussain, and other senior officers from Rescue Headquarters and Academy.

During his speech at the meeting, the director general of emergency department shed a light on the fact that the department has saved approximately 539 billion rupees by efficiently responding to more than 177000 fire hazards. He also stated that rapid and effective response to emergency situations and fire hazards has become one of the most difficult tasks of the modern day due to rapid urbanization and lack of adequate safety measures for the fulfillment of the job properly.

The safety regulations draft provided during the meeting was reviewed by the DG emergency department in detail. The responsibilities of the safety manager, the procedure of application and certification process was also discussed upon during the meeting. Dr. Rizwan Nasir concluded the meeting by appreciating the members for their valuable input and asking them to share their feedback and thoughts regarding the safety of buildings within a week for further procedure.