Mecatech organises Luncheon to welcome new leadership of PHVACR Society

Chairman Mecatech (Pvt) Ltd, Chaudhary Anwar ul Haq, arranged a momentous luncheon, extending a warm welcome to the newly elected President of the Pakistan HVACR Society, Mr. Ramzan Shareef, alongside Lahore chapter Chairman Mr. Afzal Malik. The prestigious event unfolded within the illustrious confines of the Mecatech Corporate building. Members of the Local Council as well as the Executive Council of the Pakistan HVACR Society were invited to the event.

The gathering witnessed participation of eminent figures from the engineering community, marking the luncheon as a commendable initiative spearheaded by the Mecatech team. The meticulously organized affair bore testament to the company’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections within the industry.

Amidst the congenial ambiance, Mr. Ramzan Saeed, a consultant from Mecatech, took the stage to deliver a compelling presentation. The highlight of the presentation was the revelation of Mecatech’s expansion into local manufacturing of Air Handling Units (AHUs) in addition to their established expertise in generator manufacturing. Mr. Saeed unveiled ambitious plans to uphold international standards in the production of AHUs in Pakistan.

The revelation stirred considerable interest and excitement among the attendees, signalling a significant stride towards bolstering indigenous manufacturing capabilities within the HVACR sector. Mecatech’s foray into AHU manufacturing aligned with the broader industry’s pursuit of raising the bar for quality and innovation.

Mr. Ramzan Shareef, the newly elected President, expressed his appreciation for Mecatech’s pioneering efforts. “Initiatives like these contribute immensely to the growth and development of our industry,” he commended, underscoring the importance of local manufacturing and adherence to global benchmarks.

The luncheon not only celebrated the induction of new leadership but also heralded a promising chapter in the collaboration between Mecatech and the Pakistan HVACR Society. The revelation of Mecatech’s diversification into AHU manufacturing signalled a forward-looking approach, poised to invigorate the local industry and set a precedent for adherence to international quality standards.

As the event drew to a close, the prevailing sentiment was one of optimism and enthusiasm, echoing the collective aspiration for a progressive and innovative trajectory in Pakistan’s HVACR sector. The luncheon at Mecatech Corporate building emerged as a testament to industry collaboration, innovation, and the collective drive towards advancing the nation’s technological landscape.