Mecatech Industries launched to set new standards of manufacturing in the HVAC & Power Generation industry

By the grace of ALLAH almighty, we are honored to announce the launching of Mecatech Industries, a dynamic addition to the HVAC and Power Generation manufacturing landscape of Pakistan. Committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we specialize in manufacturing of AHUs, Rooftop Package Units, Condensing Units and Gen-Set.

At Mecatech Industries, we believe that superior craftsmanship combined with advanced technology is the cornerstone of success. With a team of skilled professionals and cutting-edge facilities, we strive to set new standards of excellence in the HVAC & Power Generation industry of Pakistan.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of perfection, we are poised to meet the evolving needs of our customers and exceed their expectations. Our mission is to provide reliable, high-quality products that inspire confidence and enable growth for business nationwide.

Join us on the exciting journey as we embark on a mission to transform ideas into reality and make a meaningful impact in the manufacturing sector. Welcome to the future of HVAC & Power Generation equipment manufacturing.

MECAIR AHU Introduction

Following our legacy of excellence and performance Mecatech industries introduced its modular & extremely adaptable MECAIR AHU; with a wide range of air handling units for use in various applications from small office premises to larger industrial; Hygienic to non-hygienic.

MECAIR AHU is designed and manufactured to a high engineering efficiency standards and are ideal, where the requirement of clean, hygiene air are mandatory like Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Food & Beverages Industries, electronic facilities and clean room applications.

MECAIR AHU Engineering and design philosophy have been developed to satisfy stringent future demands for low energy consumption and minimalistic carbon foot print; yet meeting the highest engineering standards.

MECAIR AHU has high-quality imported built-in components e.g. Aluminum anodized profiling for structural framing, Casing, Heat exchangers / Coils, Fan & Motors and hardware have all undergone extensive testing and performance measurement, all AHU comes with AMCA CERTIFIED Fans and coils which are designed and manufactured in accordance with AHRI-410 Standards in order to comply with current and future demands for low energy consumption.

To ensure easy installation, many of these units’ features control systems enabled for plug-and-play, i.e. simple start-up and Commissioning.

Our AHU are designed and selected by using custom made selection and design software which works on a Eurovent platform; which provide the authentic data of performance and analysis.


All MECAIR AHU models comes with AMCA performance certified fans. 100% Imported.

MECAIR; made with chilled water and DX Coil with matching air-cooled condensing units.

AHU are made with 25mm, 50mm as standard and customized casing insulations.

MECAIR-AHU have injected PU casing insulation have 42 kg/m3 density to make sure best sound as well as thermal insulation values in the market.

Available in 15 different models.

All AHU models comes with Thermal Break Profile as standard.

MECAIR-AHU casing are designed with 100% imported profiling and hardware. Handles air flows of 1000 – 25000 CFM.


Established in 2020, Mecapower has set the benchmark for providing the most comprehensive range of residential as well as commercial turnkey power solutions.


Diesel Generators (10kVA to 1250 kVA)

Sound & Weather Proof Canopies

Electrical Panels

OEMs for Engines & Alternators



 Power Links



Imported Load Bank

MECAPOWER has its in house imported load bank to ensure peak efficiency with detailed computerized reports for each load stage.

Electrical Panels

MECAPOWER Features state of the art Electric Panels. Top Notch Electrical Components

 ATS Panels

 MCC Panels

 HT / LT Panels