Measures being taken for improving Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

Engineering Post Report

Number of measures are being taken at the appropriate level for improving Power Transmission and Distribution Systems and working of the Distribution and Supply Companies (DISCOs)  in the country removing their shortages and deficiencies in order to  ensure provision of electricity facility to all categories of consumers in efficient manner.

According to the information available from official  sources concerned in this regard, the measures are being taken are listed below:

Transmission System

Private sector participation  in the transmission system  is to be encouraged.

Private Power and Infrastructure  Board (PPIB)  will prepare and publish  list of projects to be offered to the private sector  every year in line with Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan approved by NEORA.

The capacity of the National  Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC)  is being enhanced  to immediately  implement  Supervisory  Control and Data Acquisition and construct/ operate High Voltage Direct  Current  Transmission Lines. Land Acquisition Acts accordingly will be reviewed and amended  in  consultation with the stakeholders.

Right of way/land acquisition  issues in the implementation of generation, transmission and distribution sector projects  will be  addressed  with the support of the concerned provincial government.

Distribution System

Placement of independent Board of Directors, exploring  the option of outsourcing of DISCOs  management functions/ operations without  ownership  transfer, and exploring  area franchise  structure for  improvement in DISCOs efficiency with a clear transaction structure.

Induction of experienced personnel  at all levels on merit  to be made sufficiently independent  in decision making process.

The rehabilitation  of existing network of DISCOs  direly needed  for overcoming the losses and poor service delivery issues. Proper implementation and tracking  of Energy Loss Reduction, Distribution of  Power and  Secindary Transmission  Grid projects across DISCOs  are to be  ensured by enhancing  capacities and /or considering  outsourcing of operations and maintenance.

Roadmap for Privatization  of DISCOs is to be finalized by the  Privatization Commission  in consultation with all stakeholders. Distribution network for Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir DISCOs is to be established at par with other DISCOs currently functioning in the country.