Local manufacturers can grow exponentially after the import ban by improving quality

Mr. Safdar Ali Mughal, CEO Safdar Ali & Associates (HVAC & Building Consultants) talks to Engineering Post

The 27th Pakistan HVACR Expo and Conference organized by the Pakistan HVACR society Lahore chapter after a gap of more than 2 years has been one of the largest and arguably the most successful HVACR expo in Pakistan. The success of such a grand event is only possible through a joint effort and consistent hard work and coordination of the organizing committee as well as the stakeholders.

During an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post regarding the event Mr. Safdar Ali Mughal CEO Safdar Ali & Associates who is serving as the Honorary Joint Secretary Pakistan HVACR Society said that such events are extremely important in the development of the industry “Events such as the Pakistan HVACR expo play a pivotal role in the development and promotion of the HVACR industry in the country as the business and consumers are provided a platform to interact,” he said.

While explaining the importance of the HVACR industry he said “In recent years people have realized the important role played by the HVAC industry. No office can function properly if the employees are not sitting in a comfortable temperature even the equipment starts failing without proper temperature control,” he said

During the conversation Mr. Safdar Ali Mughal appreciated the grand scale at which the expo has was organized this time around and while reminiscing about how it all started a few years back “I remember how initially the HVACR expo used to be conducted under canopies or halls rented at Hotels. This time Pakistan HVACR expo has been organized at 3 halls of the Lahore Expo center which is amazing and has only been made possible through the extraordinary efforts of Lahore Chapter chairman Mr. Ahmad Naeem Chughtai and his team,” he said. The scale of the 27th HVACR expo is so large that more than 30 percent new exhibitors have participated this time and the local participation is a lot higher than previous times.

The Pakistan HVACR expo also organizes a conference where notable speakers and researchers present their papers to the public regarding the recent innovations in the HVACR Industry Mr. Safdar Ali Mughal as the convener of conference has been able to take on board 12 different presenters for the expo even after so much uncertainty and delays “We have 8 local as well as 4 international paper presenters for the conference. The international presenters will join the conference through Zoom link while the local presenters will be physically present. Due to the delays and uncertain political and health safety situation the international presenters decided to participate through zoom link this time,” he explained.

During the conversation he appreciated the step of establishing a Made in Pakistan Pavilion in the HVACR expo which is bound to promote and appreciate the local manufacturing industry “The establishment of the Made in Pakistan pavilion and discounts offered to local manufacturers will definitely help to boost the local industry. In my professional capacity as a consultant I also try to promote locally made items but the local industry has to understand and accept that there can be no growth without working on improving quality of products,” he said “The recent import ban can be a silver lining for the local manufacturers to work efficiently and fill the vacuum with their products and grow in such a way that imported products are not required,” he added.