LESCO’s progress confined due to a shortage of staff

Lahore electric supply company (LESCO) facing severe shortage of working unit as the company has a shortage for almost 5000 workers. This has consequently resulted in a collapse of the quality of power supply as well as increased distribution and installation issues as described by the consumers.

The company is need of recruitments of 4000 linemen and almost a thousand supervisors to deal with the issues regarding distribution and supply. The problems that the company has been facing include voltage fluctuations, tripping and jerks and supply failures. These issues have been persistent in over 13 industrial grid stations around the city. These include Raiwind New, Habibabad, Attabad, Jubilee, EMCO, Raiwind Old, Chaudhry Wala, Sheikhupura, Shahkot, Manga and ICI SKP. The remaining grid stations have also been affected as far as the performance is concerned, with increased incidences of tripping and jerks all around the city.

The power supply to the industries has been affected the most as the demand has been increasing day by day. This has caused the industrial units a loss of millions of rupees. Industrial consumers faced 13 jerks at Habibabad, one at Raiwind New, three each at Mian Channu, Raiwind old and Shahkot and 10 at jubilee grid stations. The company staff has pointed out that the situation is worsening as the current staff is also near retirement and is unable to manage power supply from all the areas due to poor distribution network and connectivity. They also said that the response from the staff to the complaints from consumers has been steady and non-emergent, which is especially having a very negative effect on the industrial consumers. These issues are in need of immediate attention as this can cause a shortage of power supply on a very large scale.