Launching of 5Gin Pakistan

Report by Engineering Post

The federal government was reported to be gearing up for the introduction of 5G services in the country by August 2024 and in this regard a comprehensive business was in circulation among the official quarters concerned for consideration and approval.

But contrary to these reports, IT market sources and experts have a different version in this regard.
According to them, this cannot take place as early as being talked about by the federal government as a lengthy procedure involved the launching of G5 in Pakistan as a matter of fact. Firstly, an international consultant was to hired, secondly 5G bidding and thirdly the price and mode of payment in Pakistan rupee or in dollars and fourthly/lastly approval by the Frequency Allocation Board after the federal government has issued the policy directives. As such, there will be no 5G services in the country at all at least till 2026 and may be even beyond that.

Sometime back, another development has taken place as the Telecom Cyber Security Task Force has been constituted by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).This industry-wide initiative was geared towards ensuring the objectives outlined in the strategy for the years 2023-2028.

The PTA has also issued the Cyber Security Strategy for Pakistan’s Telecommunication Sector, a comprehensive plan spanning from 2023 to 2028.

According to the information available in this regard, the strategy has been built on six fundamental pillars, each targeting a specific aspect of cyber security such as legal framework, cyber resilience, proactive monitoring and incident response, capacity building , cooperation and collaboration, and public awareness. These pillars as such represented a holistic approach, ensuring a resilient and secure digital infrastructure across the telecom sector throughout Pakistan.