Land acquisition started for Dasu Transmission Line Project

National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDC) has started the work of land acquisition process for the construction of 765/220 kV grid station at Mansehra. The 765/220 kV Grid Station Mansehra is part of 765 kV Dasu Transmission Line Project for Evacuation of Power from 2160 MW Dasu Hydro Power Project Stage-I. This includes the construction of 255km long 765 kV double circuit Hexa (6) Bundle transmission line from Dasu HPP to Islamabad via Mansehra along with 765/220kV Grid Station at Mansehra and 765/500/220/132kV Grid Station at Islamabad. For this, Dasu Transmission Line Project (DTLP) NTDC team have completed a Survey. The local Revenue officials have visited the site of the Grid Station for delineation of Land on revenue record. The delineation has been completed successfully by the Revenue team of District Mansehra. Moreover, a corrigendum has been prepared by the same department under Section-IV of Land Acquisition Act-1894.