KE to introduce ‘Black Start’ capability for power plants

Keeping in view the demand of 3.2 million consumers while providing safe and reliable power, K-Electric (KE) has successfully implemented a ‘Black Start’ capability. Continuing its mission to secure Karachi’s energy future at the Korangi Power Complex (KPC) which is responsible for generation of 247 MW of electricity for Karachi, this productive step has been taken. This technology allows power plants to go from shutdown mode to generating power without any assistance from the external power grid. This makes the utility self-sufficient that restores power in the case of black outs. From a standby generator to jumpstart the main generation complex, this will energize KE’s fleet and network.  The Black Start facility includes only a handful of power producers in Pakistan and now KE has also introduced this generation fleet. This will not only reduce the dependency on IPPs but KE will also ensure black-start facility for its consumers. Through vital arrangement with of IPPs namely Tapal and Gul Ahmed, this will lean the extra burden to some extent. Additionally, KE is also equipped with islanding facility at KPC as well as its BQPS-II to ensure quick power restoration in case of black outs.