K-Electric launches K-Solar

Karachi Electric (K-Electric) has decided to venture into green energy by launching a new initiative K-Solar. This was revealed by KE’s Chief Strategy Officer Naz Khan during a webinar.  

According to CEO K-Electric Limited (KE) Moonis Abdullah Alvi, K-Electric had been making greater efforts to increase its share of renewables in its energy mix and launch of the K-Solar was one milestone in achieving KE’s mission of a green and sustainable future.

K-Solar aims to provide affordable green energy to Residential, Commercial and Industrial units.

To serve its residential customers, K-Solar teams will conduct site surveys and audit the energy needs of the consumers to recommend the best easy-to-manage solar solutions for them.

To service the growing commercial sector, comprising banks, retail outlets, educational institutions, healthcare organisations etc, K-Solar will provide sustainable and long-term solar solutions for seamless function.

The industrial sector will be specially serviced by K-Solar providing alternative energy generation options in-house. K-Solar teams will work with its industrial partners to enable them to reduce energy costs, increase energy independence and enhance productivity through uninterrupted power supply from the technologically advanced solar solutions.

Speaking at a webinar to discuss Pakistan’s transition to a low-carbon energy future, Chairman National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Tauseef H. Farooqi highlighted that for the renewable industry to innovate and thrive in Pakistan need a transition in its generation, transmission and distribution system. He assured that NEPRA had been constantly working to bring that very change.