JUBILEE CORPORATION wins three awards for its brands Terasaki, TMC Transformers and Nancal.

Jubilee Corporation is proud to share that it has won three prestigious awards for its brands Terasaki, TMC Transformers and Nancal.

TERASAKI, one of the globally leading brands for Low Voltage Circuit Breakers, has won the title of Brand Icon of the Pakistan 2021 under the category of Circuit Breakers. Terasaki has over 90 years of expertise in the manufacturing of Low Voltage Switchgear. Jubilee Corporation has been associated with Terasaki as the Authorized Distributor in Pakistan for more than 45 years. JC and Terasaki continue to move together from strength to strength to further contribute in the technological evolution of the switchgear industry in Pakistan.

TMC Transformers, the leading specialist manufacturer of Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers, has won the title of Brand of the Year Awards 2021 in the category of Transformers. Jubilee Corporation is the authorized distributor of TMC in Pakistan. With TMC’s manufacturing excellence that result in product of outstanding quality, and JC’s technical strengths, it has successfully installed TMC Transformers all over the country in the past decade.

NANCAL, the specialist brand in power electronics products with the focus on power quality, medium and low voltage AC drives, has won the title of Emerging Brand of the Year Awards 2021. Nancal’sStatic Var Generators and Active Power Filters have demonstrated excellent performance for harmonic filtration and power factor correction in the recent installations in Pakistan.