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JUBILEE CORPORATION: Offering Static Var Generators and Active Power Filters by Nancal Electric

Jubilee Corporation offers Active Power Filters and Static Var Generators in its portfolio by NANCAL Electric – a leading technology provider for power electronics and intelligent manufacturing. Nancal Electric has recently won the title of Emerging Brand of the Year 2021 award by Brands Foundation, in the category of Power Quality Solutions

Power quality issues in industries arise due to non-linear loads such as DC drives, VFDs, welding equipment, switching mode power supplies, PC and peripheral devices and more. These non-linear loads cause harmonic distortion, low power factor and three phase unbalancing. APFs and SVGs are power electronics devices which work on the principle of Digital Signal Processing to compensate power quality problems in complex electrical networks.

The active power filter provides dynamic harmonic elimination to the connected non-linear load in parallel. APF detects load current through external CTs on-line and analyzes harmonic component of the load current by DSP controller. Compared to the load current harmonic, APF injects a current with the same amplitude and opposite direction to source harmonics in order to eliminate current harmonics.

Similarly, Static Var Generator detects load current through external CTs and analyzes reactive component of the load current by DSP controller. It then compensate the load reactive current to meet the target power factor.

Nancal’s SVGs and APFs offer harmonic elimination upto 61st order. For product related queries, you can call at (021) 111-000-520 or email at