Offering Lightning and Surge Protection Systems, and Earthing solution with IEC compliant tools

Jubilee Corporation and Terasaki – Your Trusted Partners for Electrical Safety

When it comes to keeping your electrical systems safe, Terasaki Circuit Breakers are an optimal choice. With a rich history spanning over 100 years, Terasaki has been a leader in developing technologies that ensure safety and protection in power distribution and control. Terasaki’s commitment to high quality and compliance with global standards has earned it a reputation as a world-leading brand for Low Voltage Circuit Breakers.

In Pakistan, Jubilee Corporation (JC) has been Terasaki’s trusted Authorized Distributor since 1976. Jubilee Corporation with Terasaki’s products, has remarkably contributed to shaping the technological evolution of the switchgear industry in Pakistan. JC was the pioneer in introducing state-of-the-art Japanese circuit protection technologies in Pakistan with Terasaki’s Low Voltage Circuit Breakers. Together, Terasaki and JC have introduced innovative products to the market, such as Moulded Case Circuit Breakers in 1976 and Digital Air Circuit Breakers in 2008.

Jubilee Corporation and Terasaki have maintained a strong and collaborative journey, consistently progressing together. JC stands out as a leading supplier of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers, catering to a diverse range of sectors in Pakistan, including commercial buildings, Skyscrapers, Housing/Residential Projects, Commercial Building projects, and industries such as Textiles, Chemicals, Marine, and Pharmaceuticals. Through JC’s dedicated efforts, Terasaki has established itself as the preferred choice for consultants, industry professionals, and influencers within the fraternity.

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