Jubilee Corporation and Nancal Electric Delivers Advanced Power Quality Solutions

Jubilee Corporation, in partnership with Nancal Electric offers advanced solutions to enhance power quality. These solutions effectively address two significant challenges faced by modern power systems: Harmonics and Reactive Power.

Non-linear loads can introduce harmonic distortions into the power supply. These distortions can potentially harm electrical equipment and disrupt overall grid stability. Jubilee Corporation’s Active Power Filters (APFs) act as a safeguard against these distortions. APFs employ a sophisticated detection system that identifies harmonic disturbances. They then inject a counteracting current to effectively eliminate them, promoting a cleaner and more stable power supply for your equipment.

Reactive power, while not directly contributing to the work performed by your equipment, can negatively impact the power factor of your system. This can lead to increased energy consumption and additional utility charges. Jubilee Corporation’s Static VAR Generators (SVG) offer a solution to this challenge. SVGs analyze the load on your system and strategically inject reactive power to maintain an optimal power factor. This not only enhances overall system efficiency but also reduces energy consumption and associated costs.

By implementing these advanced power quality solutions from Jubilee Corporation, you can achieve a range of benefits. Improved power quality safeguards your equipment and promotes system stability. Increased system efficiency translates to reduced energy consumption and lower costs. Additionally, these solutions can extend the lifespan of your electrical equipment.

For further information on Nancal’s APFs and SVGs, please contact Jubilee Corporation via email (info@jubileecorporation.com), phone (+92 21 111 000 520), or visit their website (www.jubileecorporation.com).